Having the possibility to open a New item modal

Using the SDK, we already have the possibility to open a modal with the item details using monday.execute(“openItemCard”, …). This would be really great to have the same feature but with a create modal (similar to what we have when we click on the New Item button).

Even better if we can pre-fill some fields for the user.

PS: Add a Cancel button and a Delete Button on the “openItemCard” would be great too.

Hello @gdacier!

Have you checked out our ‘openAppFeatureModal’ SDK method?

This method would allow you to create a modal with the content of your choice. Would that be helpful in your case?

Thanks for your suggestion to our openItemCard method! I’ll be sure to pass this along to my team.

Hi @alessandra !

Yes I have. Would you know how to add the “New Item” modal content using the openAppFeatureModal?

My point here is to avoid our-self the (expensive) cost of implementing from scratch the content of the modal, like all the fields, connections between boards, keeping it reusable between boards, etc. It sounds to me like this is all the components and logic already existing in Monday, so would be great to have a way to use them directly.

Thank you for your quick response.

Hello @gdacier!

I am not sure I understand what you want to display in the modal. What is is exactly?

Hi @Matias.Monday,

Sorry I wasn’t clear before. You can find below a screenshot of what we would like to display in the modal. The important part is that we would like to pre-fill some fields for the user.

We are implementing a custom calendar (because the one in Monday doesn’t have all the features we need) and we would like to be able to open a New Item modal with the start and end date pre-filled when we click on the calendar. We want basically to be able to reproduce a similar behavior to what we have when using the Monday calendar.

Thanks for your time and response.

Hello @gdacier!

Sorry for the late reply.

There is no way of doing that as of today (pre-filling some fields).

You would have to build a workaround for this (maybe in a way that does not work exactly like an item card)


Hi @matias,

Thank you for your response.

Ok, understood.