Headers on a Gantt Chart

I really love Gantt Charts, but I’ve been struggling with something that I don’t quite know how to handle.

  • A very important piece of metadata for us is the Sprint. Our sprints are 2 weeks, so they’ll stretch from Jan 1 → Jan14 for instance.
  • We like to be able to see this info on our Gantt Chart so we can say “Item X will get done is Sprint Y” or we’ll look and say “Uhoh, we’re trying to do 4 UI things in Sprint Y and we can only do 2”.

I didn’t see a way to add a “Header” to a date range in a Gantt Chart. I had kind of hacked this in by having a “Sprint” group that’s the top item in a “Group by Board” view. But if we group by any other measure, we’ll lose that visibility.

Is there any way to label a range in a Gantt view?