Health or Stagnation Field able to be triggered across multiple boards

A ‘health’ field - also known as a ‘stagnation status’ - which indicates whether an item has been inactive for X amount of time. This column would be useful on the ‘Accounts’ board, affected by changes made in the ‘Deals’ board.

Example: If an Account regularly has deals added to it, the ‘health’ would remain ‘good’. If no deals have been added for X months, then the ‘health’ would be ‘moderate’, if no deals have been added for 2X months, the ‘health’ would be ‘bad’.

Zoho, Pipedrive, Tiny+ all have some iteration of this feature.

I tried to achieve something similar with automations, but your automations are massively limited by the fact that Board A cannot read changes made within a two-way connected board column, connected to Board B, when those changes are made outside of Board A - i.e. within Board B.