Help consuming monday's JWT's signing secret in an ASP.NET Core app

Hi All

The Integration Features within Monday Apps are really neat!

after playing with the quickstart in node.js, I have now started trying to make integration recipes talk to my ASP.NET Core Web API.

i get “User not authenticated” error, which tells me i am not consuming the signing credentials properly.
JavaScript has this simple and elegant jwt.verify(authorization,SIGNING_SECRET) which returns userid, accountid and redirect url.

However I am struggling to replicate that using AddJwtBearer() in .NET Core.

Has anyone managed to get monday to talk to .NET Core and would be kind enough to share the relevant bit of authentication code?

Failing that, can i have more details about how the signing secret is encoded within the JWT sent by monday integration triggers?


I found the issue with trying to consume Monday’s token using .NET’s JwtBearer package. It turned out that .NET library expects the authorization header to start with "Bearer " and this is hardcoded in the library! Monday seems to send the JWT token without any prefix. Thankfully there is an event listener one can add to the JwtBearer object, enabling one to catch the receipt of a message and process the authorization header in a custom way (in our case, to just stop looking for the "Bearer " prefix).

Just thought i’d post this in case it proves useful to anyone at some point.


Hey @jaacquees ,

that is pretty nice and really helpfull. In future I will relate to this! :slight_smile:

@jaacquees – this is really helpful! I’m not super familiar with .NET so I’m tagging it to send to other builders in the future :slight_smile: