HELP! How to get members last active date using API?

I need to get a list of users, with user type = member (not viewer, not admins)

Then I need to get their last active date / last login date using API

I know how this is done on UI but how to do this using API?

Please help!

hi @gekber

Welcome to the community. Users and user types are easy to retrieve. To my knowledge last login and last active dates are not accessible through the API.

I see, i think i was able to get last login date by accessing our audit page api. Could you tell me how can I update user type using API? For example, if user A has type = member, I want to change it to viewer instead. Thanks!

As far as I know the monday audit page does not have API support.

The user object can’t be modified through the API either, see

I believe you could query to Audit log via an API call: and this will give you all the “security actions” transactions including last login date.

This is a separate API from the regular API and has another API Token.

I believe “last activity date” in the column is calculated in the system.