Help! I need a template for vehicle servicing

I’ve recently been promoted to service manager in a workshop, and I have found so many issues that have been left behind by my predecessors such as the ridiculous amount of paperwork in my office, and its terrible.

I need help finding templates that are best suited for service workshops where I can create a job card, send it to a technician and finally invoice.

I cant wait to hear your suggestions.

Hey Daniel! First of all, congratulations on the promotion! That’s huge! :tada:

Second, we’d be happy to help you with this! It sounds like perhaps tweaking the help desk template to be more applicable to a workshop and then setting up an automation that assigns a job to a technician could be helpful.

Then, you could implement the Quotes & Invoices app if you have our monday sales CRM product!

Also, be sure to check out monday spaces to see other monday users’ workflows and templates they’ve made and shared! You might find a more similar use case there.

Let us know if any of this is helpful!

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