HELP! Need All items in Group A with Status of Completed change All items in Group B to Ready to Start

I have a board set up with each group a Phase of a project. I need an automation, formula, integration or something that will check if all items in Phase 1 have a status of Completed it will change the status all the items in Phase 2 to Ready to Start and change Start Date to the Day the status changes to Ready to Start. I need this to satisfy each Phase after (Once all Items in Phase 2 are completed Phase 3 statuses are Ready to Start… etc.) PLS help! I don’t want to have to create a status column per Phase… which is the only help I’ve gotten so far!

Hello Val, If you asked “When group status of all item is done then status of group 2 all items change to Readt to start and set date to today”. that could be acheived using

If you need my help, let me know. Happy to help you.

Hi! Yes I could definitely use your help with using to get this achieved for my monday board!

You can drop me message on my email