Help Reducing steps in workflow with automation

Hi Monday Community,

I am a list man so I am going to get straight to it with a list of:

  • The workflow raw
  • The workflow how we want it to be
  • What we have done so far

I am looking for help, paid or otherwise in reducing my workflow.

What the workflow is for:
Obtaining new enquires for a function space from a variety of places, communicating, selling and keeping track of all conversations then moving them onto the event planning phase or the lost lead data collection phase.

The workflow raw:

  • Customer enquires on website or third party website A,B or C.
  • Details are updated into monday such as, date, name, number or guest, customer comments etc
  • Sales rep is assigned
  • Customer details are saved into phone contacts
  • Open email client
  • Open clipboard
  • Copy template from clipboard
  • Paste template to email and update Name, Date etc
  • Add something personal and relevant
  • Attach PDF of enquiry info package
  • Copy message
  • Send message
  • Open Monday and paste message into updates
  • Open phone clipboard
  • Copy generic template
  • Draft text to client
  • Paste message and Add name “Hey(name) I sent you an email, please check your junk folder”
  • Press send
  • Copy message
  • Open monday app
  • Paste into updates
  • Lead response and copy from text or email into updates
    The process repeats when sending the booking form etc.

The workflow how we want it:
*Automation: Leads from all areas are captured and fields are updated Done
*Automation: Contact details are saved to phone for new lead Done

  • Press button or change status on Monday
  • Automation: Open email client, populate email with template, add in name, date etc in appropriate place, attach PDF
  • Add appropriate and relevant info
  • Press send
    *Automation: copy email into an update
    *Automation: Send text message with name and template to enquiry (from sales’s reps number or at least direct replies to that sales reps number)
    *Automation: copy text into update field
    *Automation: replies from email are added to the updates. Done
    *Automation: replies from text are added to the updates.

What we have done so far:

  • leads are captured from website and third parties using Zapier to read emails, parse them then update new item fields appropriately.
  • All emails sent to my dedicated functions email are forwarded to gmail. This gmail is integrated with monday and updates email responses appropriately. One less copy and paste to do.
  • leads are updated into phone contacts using a zapier and google contacts intergration

I know this is a big ask and there are a lot of steps to this process. I tried to break them down. If anyone can help with 1 step at a time that would be awesome.



Hey @Elliot !
We have helped clients in similar situation before and I already have a few different options in mind for how we can solve the different steps for you. Before I can present anything I need to have a chat with you to better understand the exact systems and desired effects.

I am rather confident I can help you out.
Please use the link below to book an initial videomeeting where we can share more information and have a good dialogue about approach, what you need and how we can help!

With regards!

Thanks for your quick reply on this @Thomas-Omnitas,

I have a 1 on 1 session with the Monday team mid next week. If they can’t really help me then I will organise a time to discuss further with you.

I’m keen to see your approach either way but I don’t want to waste your time if I don’t have to.

I’ll let you know how I go either way :slight_smile:



Thanks for the update @Elliot!
I hope you will get the help needed on your 1 on 1 session with monday.

Please keep me updated and we will be happy to assist whenever you feel like it. You can reach me either hear or on

With regards,

Hi @Thomas-Omnitas,

The 1 on 1 meeting helped me to confirm there was no easy way with Monday or their current integrations to achieve any of the steps I would like to achieve.

I have booked a time on your calendar to talk further next week.

Looking forward to it!



Hey @Elliot!

Thank you for the booking. I am looking forward to discuss the needs with you and hopefully together find a solution to your situation.

See you next week!