Help to design formula for posh date hour in half hour intervals

a new challenge has arisen and I was hoping you might be able to help me solve it.

The Monday calendar responds to the date + hour in a regular half-hour format.
I am looking for a way to copy the set date into additional date columns and thus create the desired meeting length.
Our background: Dental clinic with half-hour to three-hour appointments.
The whole process of copying into additional date columns I thought to do with the help of General Custer’s integration.
So … basically I need to take the date selected in the main column and according to a specific status duplicate the date to additional columns with a regular half hour addition so that a number of consecutive dates are obtained at half hour intervals
If you can give me direction it would be great
Wonderful day thank you

Maybe @rob can jump in here with help with General Caster.

monday date functions don’t currently work with times… for example, FORMAT_DATE({Date 1},“MMM DD, HH:mm”) when {Date 1} is a date column = “Mar 3, 10:00 AM” results in “Mar 3, 00:00”

However, from the API, you can retrieve the time segment, if there is one.

If I was needing what you are describing, I would use Integromat with a webhook call on change to the set date to update the other date columns. It would be very straight forward.


Hey @HJH and @JCorrell.

General Caster recently migrated to a new more powerful and faster platform.

The PROS are that now more integrations have been published (and more are to come) and formulas use the Excel official syntax (not a Excel-like syntax as previously).

The CONS are that “performing existing formula” integration is now gone due to small differences in the syntax used in the Formula column and in General Caster and some of your formulas must be updated.

We are going to publish a complete documentation. In the meantime, you can take a look at

In order to check what’s wrong with your formula, please check what the result actually is by casting it into a temporary Text column and change it accordingly.

hay @rob the link you gave me is no longer active and i really want to use general caster integration .
I can’t find the general cas’ in the app market .
if you’ll be kindly , to give me a new link I’ll appreciate it .

Hey there! You can use this link to try out General Caster: Apps Marketplace


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