Help with PPE Inventory Tracking


I am sorry if this should not be submitted in this community. Feel free to delete it. But we are really looking for some help.

I am looking for some guidance or a fully working template for our company. Our company is a disinfecting company, servicing the affordable housing industry. We are burning through PPE faster than we can track. We have tracked our inventory with Monday, but it’s a very manual process and reasonable to use when suppliers are not on backorder. We need to track our PPE inventory every few days, but in a way that we can see the usage over time. We are trying to calculate a burn rate so we know how much to order, taking into consideration the backorder time from suppliers.

For starters, let’s say we want to track Gloves, Coveralls, Masks. We envision inputting today’s total (March 27). Then in 5 days (April 1), input each item’s new total, without erasing March 27. From here, we need to be able to see the total items used and the current inventory total.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @abiciea - have you reached out to to see what suggestions they can offer?

If you want to get suggestions here - feel free to share some screenshots of the boards that you have already created and what you would like to add.