Help with tracking time between two dates


I’m trying to have real time tracking of the number of days that have passed since a customer is qualified, which then stops and holds its value when the customer is closed. I have created automations to set each of the dates. The “Date Qualified” is set when an item is created on the board, and the “Date Closed” is set when a specific Sales Status is selected (“Deposit Paid & Loan Docs Requested”).

However, i can’t figure out the formula to start counting days once date qualified is set and stop once the date closed is set.

I’ve tried (based on previous posts):
IF({Sales Status}=“Deposit Paid & Loan Docs Requested”,ROUND(DAYS({Date Closed},{Date Qualified}),0),ROUND(DAYS(TODAY(),{Date Qualified}),0))

But i’m really unsure why its not worked and the best way to go about it. Any help is much appreciated!

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You can utilise a formula column here.

Go to your board and add a formula column
Copy the above picture, mapping your end date, then the start date to return a result of number of days passed between the two dates.

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This formula can solve the purpose.

IF({Date Closed} <> “”, ROUND(DAYS({Date Closed}, {Date Qualified}),0), ROUND(DAYS(TODAY(), {Date Qualified}),0))

Kindly replace {Date Qualified}, {Date Closed} with the actual column names in your board

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