Hidden column for each item

I have a lot of integrations that need to store config info (e.g. a boardid connected to an itemid). Currently this is all stored in an external database. It would be extremely helpful when every item would have a “hidden” column created for each integration added to the board that can be used by integrations and able to store a single JSON object.

The GraphQL to read this would be something like:
  items(ids: 1237180170) {
    column_values (ids: "clientId") {value}

where the clientId is the worldwide unique id identifying the app. As almost all integrations work on an item as a unique identifier it would be very helpful if we could write a JSON object to the item e.g {boardIdDetail: 123456789, templateId: 987654321}


That’s a great suggestion! I definitely see how this would be helpful to app developers, and I’ve passed the idea along as a feature request. As this post gets further traction, perhaps this is something we’ll be able to consider further.


hi @AlexSavchuk

After giving it another thought it should be even better if such a “JSON filed” per integration would also be available at the board level.