Hide and/or customize title columns

Please enable hiding the first column of any board (meaning also connected boards).
Also would be good to autonatically set their value (like a standard naming convention, or an autonumbering column to refer to).

the free text version we have available is unusefull and fully inconiststent obviously being free text.

hello @marialba

Welcome to the community. The leftmost (name) column can’t be deleted from your board as it is “the entrance” for the item. What you can do is apply an autonumbering to it with the AutoID column app found here. You can configure the autoID so it includes the year, week, month, free text, etc). The numeric part will make the generated ID unique as it is sequential, starting with any number you configure.

Hi @basdebruin thanks for your reply.
Is there a way I can set automatically the item and/or subitem names?

if not, is there a was I can hide item/subitem names for connected boards into the item card?

reason is that the name is actually unuseful for a project to be always on the left, also in the item card, the name column is consuming mst of the space without providing any info.

Please I need a help quite urgently.

thanks, marialba

hi @marialba
You can’t delete / hide the leftmost column. I think most users use the leftmost column as the name of a projects, a task or whatever describes the item. What do you want on a leftmost column?