Hide Group / View Group Permissions

I would like to have the option to hide a Group of Items from users or to explicitly allow selected users to view the group.
Use case:
The board that manages projects. Team members should be able to see only the scheduled projects under the “Active projects” group of items. there is another group of items of projects that were booked but not scheduled yet. that group of the backlog should be visible only to management personal for headcount planning/revenue forecasting.

Having another board for backlog does not allow using summary to have total numbers of active + future engagements.

Hi @DavGin, David

As far as I understand the technical implementation of monday.com this would be a major change to the architecture. However, there might be alternatives.

You can use different boards and use dashboard views to to display total numbers of both boards. As an alternative to dashboards you can implement your use case with a master board an detailed boards and use a reporting app to report from the detailed boards (active + future) engagements in two items in the main board. More details of this reporting app can be found here: Monday app with automations released

Hi @DavGin,

Aviram here, a product manager at monday.com, thanks for the feedback!

We are currently working to enable item level viewing permissions, meaning limiting viewing of items to ones the user is assigned to in any people column. This will be available in the coming months to Enterprise tier paying customers.

Hope we’ll have some exciting updates soon!

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Thank you @basdebruin.
I used your advice and moved the items to a different board and I am merging them on a dashboard.
Not the most intuitive thing for me, but works.