Hide + Sort Subitem Columns

Agreed. It has been very frustrating when I’ve built out a tracking table with a lot of data entry columns, status/dropdown columns, and then follow-up formula columns in the subitems in order to properly get the quarterly data I need, then customized how that data bubbled up to the main items in terms of my set view, only to have the subitem view extend well off the screen when I need to open them up to refer to something within a specific subitem during a meeting.

Use Case:

  • An annual performance tracking board used by several team leads with items corresponding to each member of their teams within the department.
  • subitems correspond to the different quarters in the year (Q1, Q2, etc), and the information contained within them is summarized for the sake of the annual review.
  • the subitems have a number of different columns related to different skills and KPIs, including both data entry columns and follow-up formula columns with results tracking against the KPIs. There are also Status/Label columns that correspond to various ratings, and follow-up formula columns to turn the results of these Status/Label columns into numerical values for sums and averages. Last count, there were 60 columns beyond the subitem name, with roughly a third of those being some form of data entry or setting.
  • This culminates in 2-3 views on the tracker itself, depending on what aspect of the review is wanting to be seen… each with no more than 8-10 columns saved to them.
  • However, if asked a question about one of the reviews or ratings and needing to refer to a specific subitem’s data, I need to open it up and then scroll through until I find the relevant data instead of being able to pre-bake in the desired subitem columns that correspond with the item view being used.

We’ve since streamlined the table in question a little bit, but we still have far more subitem columns than item columns in the final result, and no way of hiding the unnecessary ones.


I think that this is an overlooked feature a lot of times!

When sharing a view this would be extremely helpful. Right now we are using the viewing permissions to “hide” subitem columns, but it limits the columns functionality and purpose.

Right now on the subitem level, we have a status that we wouldn’t want the client to see, however this is a functional status that needs to be able to be changed by everyone. So we hide the status and then subscribe everyone to that column. This unfortunately doesn’t allow us to use the tab in the top right corner to write an update associated with the status which we LOVE.

Hiding this column would keep our functionality and wouldn’t allow anyone we are sharing out view with to see this!

This would be an absolute game-changer.

Really hurts that this isn’t implemented, and I feel it honestly shouldn’t be too difficult to implement either considering the functionality for hiding the main columns if effectively the same, and we can already generate charts based solely on sub-items.


Please consider working on this feature!!!

I can hide item columns in different views, but I can’t hide sub-items!

With the current functionality of making sub-item columns invisible to certain users, I can clean up the board for other people, but me, as the owner and power user of our boards, I am stuck seeing every single column on sub-items on every single view.

This is really frustrating.

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Anyone else noticing that on the original view you have a Hidden Columns section and you can select to hide the subitems vs. in the new board experience the subitems are not an option to hide?

I need to be able to hide subitems from some boards, how can this be done on the new board experience?? Please tell me it can somehow!

Otherwise, I hope this feature can be added before the new board experience becomes the default view!

Checking back five months later – can anyone at Monday update us on this basic needed functionality?

Big updates and additions are great, but sometimes it’s little fixes like this that would make all the difference for us as users!

I am looking for the ability to hide subitems (not only subitem columns) from specific users (guests).
Is that possible?

The subitems shows the internal process that our customers should not be able to see.

Here to add to the voices requesting this feature. While it’s just a little feature, it would lend massively to the organisation of a table across several views.

+1 to this feature request, this would be very helpful for our team

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need this feature… I guess it’s low down priority but it’ll be a great improvement to the quality of life improvement especially for the cross functional teams viewing the board to only see what they need.

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Please add a feature to allow for hiding and sorting subitems.

It would be nice to hide sub-item columns. In general this should work in conjunction with view permissions.

The ability to use hide a column (item or sub-item) but use the value in a formula is critical to managing complex workflows. Currently you can’t use a column in a formula that is hidden (which I get) but there are cases where hiding the column from view and still using the value in the hidden column is needed.

Hi Arnold,
I think the feature you are requesting is different from the feature in this subject.
The feature talks about hiding columns in views as opposed to permission based hiding of columns.
There is another post about this here:

perhaps worth opening a new feature request about this?

I agree with the subject and the feature of the subject but I was also making a recommendation to kill two birds with one stone. Think about why you’re hiding a sub-column in the first place. There are many use cases for this. I think the last thing the Monday team needs is another feature request opened. There are so many open and it takes a long time to get them implemented.

This feature seems like a basic thing to implement and would be a gamechanger. Please do it.

Would be incredibly useful for our team to have hidden subitems columns! Not all team members have relevant information for them in all the columns but with so many columns having to scroll all the way to the right is cumbersome.

Please add this to the roadmap!

We have many columns in our subitems that are past (ie January dates) and would like to have only the current month visible.

Is this request already in the roadmap yet? We have the same request here - we need to ability to hide subitem, as our boards are shared between different teams and we would very love the feature to hide subitems for different teams.

+1 for this functionality, please!

This would be great, I’m hoping to be counted as well.