Hide the boards' details in the Workload widget


I’m using a Workload widget for my team. Each member is assign to multiple boards. In my Workload widget, I use effort and capacity so the Workload shows me how many hours each team member has planned each week and if each team member is at, above or below his weekly hour capacity.

I’d like to see at a glance which boards each member is working on. Instead, when click on a member, I see every single item assigned to them.

What I see:

Team member 1 - Week 26
Item A - Board A - 2h
Item B - Board A - 2h
Item C - Board A - 2h
Item G - Board B - 1h
Item M - Board B - 1h
Item Y - Board C - 10h
Item Z - Board D - 10h
Item A - Board E - 1h
Item B - Board E - 1h
Item C - Board E - 1h
Item D - Board E - 1h
Item E - Board E - 1h
Item F - Board E - 1h

What I’d like to see:

Team member 1 - Week 26
Board A - 6h
Board B - 2h
Board C - 10h
Board D - 10h
Board E - 7h

Many thanks!