Hiding the Notifications Tab or Greying Out Notification Options?

Our compliance and legal team are concerned with conversations being had on the platform that are not being backed up anywhere else. However, through the system level notifications, those conversations are sent to users Outlook, which does allow us to capture and retain those communications if needed.

While Monday.com is all about customization, users can decide which notification they turn on and off. However, compliance was curious if there was a way to stop users from changing their notification settings on particular options. (Mentions me in a post, writes an update on an item I’m the owner of, Writes an updated on an item I’m subscribed to, Replies or likes a conversation I’m a part of, Replies to my update) We thought, either hiding the notifications tab entirely under their profiles may work. Or simply greying out the above options that they (compliance/legal) want the users to keep checked for everyone, may be good way to keep every user on the platform compliant.

Anyone else have this need? If so, please vote this idea up!