Highlight Board Changes - Beta Feature

Highlighting Board Changes

Ever visited a board and wanted to see the recent changes your colleagues have made? We’ve rolled out a beta feature to allow you get caught up quickly and visually on the recent board highlights. You’ll be able to show or hide these on the board level for each user who visits the board. Only changes made by others will be visible and not your own changes.

To enable this make sure you’re a beta user > monday.labs > head to your avatar profile > activate “Highlight Board Changes”:

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.41.49 PM

You’re able to hide highlights for each board if this feature isn’t relevant for that specific board.
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.46.11 PM

We’d love hear your feedback to continue to improve this as it moves through development! Feel free to reply here and let us know your thoughts!



Looks like some screenshots are missing in your post FYI

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Really like this feature, I must say. It will absolutely help me scan boards and get me quick up to speed with what has changed.

Is there a list of all the changes being tracked? Will it show when items are moved from position?

In dark mode (love that feature too) I would love to see the highlighted color stand a bit more out


Hi - thanks! Are you able to see them now? Uploaded them locally :slight_smile:

Hey @Eltjo - does the activity log work in the case of this list? We will pass on the feedback regarding dark mode! Cheers!

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Yes thanks now I see

Does this also highlight items where there are new or edited Updates?

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It doesn’t

Hmm it does not seem to work as it should

I enabled this, I see the 2 changes hide highlights at the top but no highlights on the board itself
Just seems to be missing the main feature as per your screenshots


How can I adjust which users I see changes for? I would love to be able to highlight only Guest changes on some boards.

It’s also not clear what time period is used for “recent” changes to be highlighted. Last week or ?

I turned this on and my initial comments are it’s promising.

Here is what I would add:

Better highlighting of the status changes. It’s very hard to see now, especially when there are only w few changes and they are all status changes they have a thin green boarder.

After I clicked one update to read it all the highlights vanished. There were 10 when I entering. This then meant that I St bee remaining highlights.
So back to the activity tab I went the old way.
Probably best to allow us to dismiss the changes using a dismiss click in the header and additionally adding to the activity tab a filter changes by others.

That s all for now

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Two things:

  1. It would be phenomenal to be able to filter to only see highlighted items so that you can quickly see all changes together. If there’s a way to do this already, I’d love to learn!

  2. It would be great to be able to mark the highlights as read so that you see what’s new since the last time you looked rather than just tracking all changes, regardless of whether or not you’ve seen them.

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Agree with that, I was coming to suggest these very things :slight_smile:

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If I activate this, does it apply to all the users or just my account?

@digodk this applies to just your account

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