Hire an expert for board updates and automations

Hi there,

In search for a board expert to setup boards and automations.

1: Imported excel data into Master Board. After data import to Master Board - Sub boards to be updated automatically with Master Board items based on “name of Sales Manager”

2: Then Master Board items status change to “shipped” then move items to board “Shipped”
and delete items in Master Board and other Sub Boards.

Anybody to pick that challenge up - please get back to me with a quotation,


Hi @Solplanet ,

We’d like to meet to discuss a little and will then be able to provide you with a quotation.


Team Easy :slight_smile:

Hi @Solplanet - this is something we could certainly assist you with.

It would be interesting to review the use case in a bit more detail to understand if there are possible other routes we could take but what you are describing is possible via native automations and some mirroring with status columns to manage some of the functions.

Feel free to book some time with us to discuss more: Book A Discovery Session - Green Llamas Consulting

You can also reach out to us directly via info@greenllamas.com.

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Hey there @Solplanet welcome to the monday.com community forums.

I would like to introduce the team at CarbonWeb to see if we can help make this happen. Our team is well versed in custom development and have configured a lot of complex systems using native monday features. We work in a component-by-component process to ensure we take the project at a pace that allows for flexibility on both ends.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation with me please do so here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you get started!

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Hey Solplanet!

Instead of setting up separate Master boards for each process, you can create and deploy high-level boards using monday com. This approach allows you to visualize an overview of everything you and your team are working on across different processes through a single interface. Developing a high-level board is your first step toward achieving a streamlined workflow. Besides, data importing from Excel and other data sources can be automated by creating high-level boards. Overall, creating a high-level board can benefit your enterprise by offering all team members a greater understanding of your business objectives. By hiring monday.com experts from an experienced consulting firm, you can create high-level boards and gain better visibility into core details and aspects of a larger process.

Neelam B
Damco Solutions
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