Hiring a monday.com app developer

I am looking to hire a monday.com app developer on contract basis for building custom app. The role has a potential to grow into a full time role. The role will be remote with an immediate start and would be around 4 weeks.

Please get in touch with me on shamika@workperfect.io if you are interested.

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Hi @Shamika_Khedkar :wave:

While you can’t hire one of our dev team, you could hire our whole dev team by partnering with upstream. We have our own full stack dev team in house, and are Platinum Partners, Preferred Partners and Partner of the Year for 2020 in the APAC region.

We specialise in custom apps and integrations and are constantly looking for new and interesting projects to get stuck into. If you’d be interested in partnering with upstream or at least exploring the options (no obligations at any time) available to you, please feel free to contact me directly via peta@upstreamtech.io or you can book a quick call straight into my calendar using the below link.

Chat with Peta

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Peta Bolger - Account Executive at upstream

Hey there @Shamika_Khedkar and thanks for posting in the monday.com community forums!

I work with CarbonWeb and we are a monday.com partner that speaclizes in complex workflows and API Integrations. Our team has worked on a handful of apps and also produced our own within the monday.com marketplace.

Echoing what Peta said, our team is available assist but would want to set up a mutual partnership to make this a reality! If you would like to connect and discuss, please schedule some time with me here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck!

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Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales
Carbon Web Print, LLC
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Phone: 440-462-7743 | Email : ricky@carbonweb.co

Hi Shamika,
If you are still looking out for some help, feel free to reach out to me as this is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
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Hi @Shamika_Khedkar,

Welcome to the monday community.

When it comes to hiring an app developer for monday com, enterprises prefer to begin their search from the monday community since the community is backed by a wide pool of talented app developers, monday com consultants, and tech enthusiasts.

If you are looking for an app developer on a contract basis for building custom applications, I would recommend you to dig deeper into the community to find out the best monday.com developers.

Neelam B
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