Hook links on Monday.com


I’m trying to figure out a way to add a dropbox link to file or folder onto Monday.com in a shared team folder so that when the link is clicked, it opens the folder or file directly from the team members Mac.
MDC only seems to allow links to dropbox which takes me to the web interface, which is not ideal, as we don’t want to have to download multiple copies of files and end up with multiple versions…

I messaged the helpline and got told that integration with Hook had not been developed, pointing me in the direction of MDC API’s which I’ve had a look at but been a long time since I did any programming!

is anyone else using Hook on a Mac? any suggestions as to how I might go forward?



I’d like to have the ability to add a link to a dropbox folder as well. I don’t want/need it to be mac specific. We store all our project specific files in a folder on dropbox. Would be nice to have a link I could click in a project to just open the dropbox folder. The url link is not the best way to accomplish this.