Hourly Time Blocking

I’m developing my workflow on Monday, and I really like the possibilities it offers. Nevertheless, right now my most important productivity tool is Google Calendar as is the one that let me time-block my activities. I’ve seen the integration Monday offers with Google Calendar and i’m about to try it, but honestly I would prefer Monday could feature an in-app calendar that could allow me to sync seamlessly items directly to a calendar and allow me easily to assign time start and end in the graphic way Google Calendar does with drag and drop etc, with that time assignation being shown on Gantt and Timeline view.

I also read someone else suggested that as apparently the app ClickUp allows that or similar.

Honestly, I would love to drop Google Calendar to only use Monday, and that way have everything in the same place, and not just using automations (that are limited in most plans, too)

Please, Monday! Make us the most happy and productive human beings on earth!