How and where do I host a Monday app's backend?

Hello everyone
I am building an integration app and would like to host it somewhere. But I’m not sure where this should be. Should I treat the app like a normal REST API built on node and express? Because that’s what I could comprehend. And in that case, should hosting services like Digital Ocean be good enough?

This is my first app and I might not be making a lot of sense over here. So apologies for that. Highly appreciate any feedbacks. Thanks!

Hey @Zepticona
I confirm you can treat the app like a normal REST API -based solution.
An hosting service like Digital Ocean is ok.
If you are going to build it in Node.js you can use Firebase.

Hi @rob

Thanks for your response. Okay so I was in the correct path it seems. Got a few more questionss if you don’t mind answering.

Can you provide an approximation of how much computing power or resources apps need in average? Of course, I know that this depends on the complexity of the apps, but any way to estimate or calculate how much resources I should be needing for my specific usecase?

Also, what are thoughts on hosting the app on Google Cloud Platform?

My suggestion is to start with the smallest droplet, you can then upgrade to a better one whenever you want.

I have little experience with Google Cloud.
It’s definitely a great solution, but the setup is probably harder than the one required by Digital Ocean.

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@Zepticona Did you get this working? I can’t deploy my app on Digital Ocean Apps. It builds but the deploy fails. It seemed like it was an HTTP port issue but I changed the settings to 8301 and it still fails.