How can I 2-way sync in retrospect?

I have a board that I have linked to another board and after going through and linking all 800+ records I see that it only links one way (cannot see the linked data in the linked board.
How do I two way inc in retrospect? Is there anyway that I can copy and paste rather than linking one by one?

There isn’t a built in fast way to do it, but you can right click on each of the records on the one-way column, and do copy cell, then on the two-way column paste. While not ideal - its better than reconnecting the actual items.

Hi @Courtenay :wave:

Two-way connection is something we only get to set up when we initially install the connected board column. In your situation, I would recommend deleting the connected board column you had set up, and start again, this time checking the box for two-way sync (it’s easy to miss!).

From there, when you’ve set up a two-way connected board column, use a matching logic recipe from the automations to help you make your connections without having to click and do all 800 yourself.

Recipe required will look like this:

Install a temporary status column to act as your trigger column and delete it as well as the recipe (if no longer required) when your connections are made.

Happy to walk you through that in finer steps on a quick call if it would be useful.

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