How can I aggregate items into a new board?

I have several projects managed as separate boards across different workspaces (one workspace for each client). I want to aggregate all of the items from each project board into one central board that I can use as a “master backlog” board. I want to create a “workload” view of this aggregated board for resource planning as our team members work across several projects. I can’t seem to find a way to accomplish this with the mirror feature. How can I do this?

hi @ElectricUser

Welcome to the community. I think it largely depends what your definition of aggregation is. We have developed an app that aggregates data form a board into a single line item on a high level board. So the high level boards shows things like:

  • total costs for each project
  • average score
  • percentage of work done
  • RAG (Red Amber Green) statuses for each of the projects
  • etc

You can try the app and install it from here Apps Marketplace

My end goal is to understand how many hours each team member is committed to each day/ week. I have this ability on each board (each project we work on) by selecting the “workload” view, but I can’t find a way to view this data across all projects. I though maybe I could mirror all of the action items from each project onto one board and bring the hours and person resp. but I only see ways to roll up lower-level boards into a single line item as you mentioned.

That’s correct. The single line item will display the total time spent on each project (down level board). Using filters you get only the Total for those item that match the filter.

Totally agree with @ElectricUser, and I would like to use the same feature. Pretty much being able to aggregate multiple items from multiple boards into a single board, without having to use mirror columns and needing to duplicate items. I would be a “view board” to see and manage items from different boards in a single high-level board. Would it be possible @basdebruin ?

hi @otavio

Welcome to the community! Yes, that is possible. Each item on the high-level “view board” represents (a filtered set of) items in down-level boards. The app aggregates columns into a single cell in the high-level board.

If, and only if, all the items are in the Main View on the high-level board and the down-level boards would be additional views on this high-level board, right ?

I don’t see how I could create a new board to aggregate items from multiple boards without moving, duplicating or using aggregated information in additional columns.


hi @otavio

For this app the items with all the details reside in the down-level (project) boards. The high-level boards contains one item for each down level board with multiple columns that reflect (as an example) the total costs of all items in the down-level board, the % Done, the overall timeline etc.