How can I delete all updates for an item?

How can I delete all updates for an item?

We use email automation. Very valuable for tracking emails to external parties.

We cannot blacklist our management emails because then any email CCed to one of our managers would not be archived.

But we have emails between managers that therefore are archived. Some of them are confidential. We have staff who have looked through updates and seen some of this confidential information.

We want to delete all the updates for our managers. We are fine with the updates on the contact items for the people they email - those are not so confidential.

How can we do this?


One way would be to duplicate the item without updates. Then delete the original.

Other than that you would need to use the API via a custom program or Make/Integromat or similar.

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Hi @mfriedma !

I agree with Jim’s suggestion also, but if you are looking to see more of a thread for themselves and for others, you can also use the Emails and Activities Integration to send emails and manage. Your Managers could change their settings so that others cannot read their correspondence in emails and activities. This means when they check emails and activities, they will see all of the emails from other employees but the employees will not see theirs. If you need a correspondence to be shown to you can always BCC that email to make it appear in the updates.

Hope this helps!

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