How can I get all webhooks?

I’m working on trying to get webhooks working and sending a lot of test requests. I’m realizing though that after sending create_webhook I can’t do something like this:

query {
    webhooks {

How can I clear out all webhooks or view what is connected?

Hey @oscargodson - apologies for the delay here.

I checked in with the team on this one, unfortunately there’s no way to automatically query this at the moment. We’ve seen some users create a workaround where they manually track these upon creation, but understand this is not ideal.

I’ve gone ahead and passed this to the team as a feature request to look into in the future.


Thanks, the issue is how can I stop these webhooks from hitting the server? Is there a best practice for dealing with multiple webhooks for the same thing hitting your server since I won’t be able to remove the ones that were created? Can the webhooks send their ID so I can unsubscribe as they are hitting my server?

Oh and the other more bigger concern is this will count towards my API request for each dupe? So if I lose an ID and Monday sends 2 webhooks will that count as 2x the API calls?

Hi Oscar!

You can remove the webhooks on a board via the UI if you’d like, by opening the board’s integration center and turning them off. Here’s how to open the integration center via the three-dot menu in the top right of a board:

When you create a webhook, I’d recommend storing its ID so that you can unsubscribe it later.

Thanks, but I’m building an app so wouldn’t that be under the user’s board which I wont have access to?

And just to reiterate, I am storing it but unfortunately to my best efforts my software has bugs still. Been doing this a long time and haven’t been able to achieve bug and downtime free software :slight_smile: trying to figure out how to deal with, for example, an error, downtime, bug, etc that would result in not storing them then forever getting those duplicate requests.