How can I get the activity_logs of the subitems trough GraphQL?

Hi there,

I need a GraphQL for taking the activity log of the sub-items.
I only found some examples for taking the activity logs of the (parent) items, but not for the subitems.

In this example, I can specify the ids of the items (via ‘items_ids’), but it returns nothing if I enter the id of a subitem. Also it does not support something like ‘subitem_ids’.

query {
        boards(ids: 1161879462) {
            activity_logs (item_ids: 1161879467){

Is this supported by the GraphQL/api? If yes, how can this be done?

D. Mon

Hi @danman!

Our API supports this in the same way it supports it for parent items-- the main difference is in the board ID. Subitems live on a separate board, so you’ll need to change your board ID to be that of the subitem board.