How can I get the Permitted Workspce Ids of App Management setting from sdk?

I am trying to get data for only permitted workspace from app settings of my application on But from sdk I am not getting the ids of permitted workspaces in settings or context.

Can you please help me with how to get permitted workspaces ids?

Thank you.

Hello @vipul321 and welcome to the community!

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I am not sure I understand what you need.

What do you mean by “permitted workspaces”? Which data do you need from them? Which query are you using and what is the response?

Hi Matias, Thanks for your reply.

Actually I am trying to get the workspace ids configured in app setting (attached image).

I am trying to get the configured ids in setting from sdk query(attached image).

But I am not getting those ids in response(attached image).

Please help me with this. I am trying to get the data from just configured workspaces.

Thank you


Hello again @vipul321!

Are you getting this context from a board view, an item view or a dashboard widget?

Hi @Matias.Monday , I am using board view

Hello @vipul321!

That is strange. Would you please send this to with your user ID and account ID?

In this way we will be able to create a report, check the source of the issue and give this following.


HI @Matias.Monday ,

Account ID : 14160932
UserID : 36589330

Thank you.

Hello again,

We need you to please send this information to so that we can follow this from there.