How can I see names of month when selecting 'weeks' in Timeline view

When looking at a board in Timeline view as opposed to Main Table view and selecting Weeks (instead of Days, Months or Years), it is not clear which month you are looking at when scrolling left and right. This makes it difficult to drag the different items to the right dates.
When you select Months however, the name of the month is clearly stated at the bottom of the screen. Something like this would be helpful when selecting Weeks, since you almost always have more than four weeks on your screen.

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Hey @jacqueline,

Thanks for the feedback!

I just had a look and when in Weeks mode, I still see the months at the bottom like you describe:

(albeit quite spaced apart).

Do you not see the same?

Hi Julia,

Thanks for the fast response!

I’ve checked again and now I do see the months at the bottom when in Weeks mode. I don’t know if I just didn’t see it or if it was a glitch in the web interface. Anyway, it does work, thanks!

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You’re welcome :smiley: