How can i send an E-Mail-Newsletter to people with certain Tags in

So i switched from HubSpot to because it hase more Integration and you cant se the spf Key in Hubspot unless you buy it. Now i wan to Manage my contacts in and I wan to be able to send the same Newslatter to all people with the Tag customer?
pleas help

Hi there @Alex2 !

I think I would need further clarification on where you are hoping to send the newsletter from. If it’s from would you mind telling us what integration you are using?

Thank you!

it would be great if i could send them from mailjet

@Alex2 It looks like there is an integration from MailJet to in Zapier, and I’m sure that it would work in Integromat also.

I personally have experience in Zapier integrations, but a lot of people in the community like Integromat because it is a little more robust. I think given your scenario, it might make more sense to use Integromat. I would check out those first and I hope someone will run across this to guide you on Integromat more!


Make/Integromat does have Mailjet integration (and it’s about 1/2 the price of Zapier.)

thats not the problem the problem is that i cant send the same e-Mail with one Click to a group fore example with the Tag “Customer” like in Hub Spot. I would use HubSpot but all Mails land in the spam section and to get the spf Key you have to pay so much money.