How can we make queries with search text


Is it possible to use the V2 API to make queries based on a text search? For instance, fetching all the Items that have “mytext” in their name.

I would like to be able to do that for several entities, namely Items, Users, Boards, Groups…

Is such a thing possible and if yes, how?


Im also looking for something simular. I want to search the name collum for a specifik string of text ex. “TEXT” and if “TEXT” is found i want to to change a status on the board. If anyone figure out how to set this up please @me. :slight_smile:

Hey y’all! Dipro here :slight_smile: At the moment you can only do this to filter items based on their column values.

You would use the items_by_column_values query for this: Documentation

That said, this approach only will return items if the column exactly matches the text given. I’ll pass this idea along the team to review, since we’re looking to make it easier to filter and search the data in your account.