How can you add a task under the subitem?

How can I go about breaking down the subitem into detailed project to do list? As of now, there is not a way to create a “task” under the subitem. I hope this makes sense.
Screenshot 2021-11-04 085819

Unfortunately, subitems are as far as it goes. There is no way to create sub-sub items and last I heard it is not even on their roadmap currently.

Thanks, Taylor for answering. I wonder if there is a way to create an additional task list without creating a connecting board to display the detailed task list. Currently, we are using the subitems for task headers and then want to list the actual task underneath.

The only thing I have been able to figure out that helps for now are creating checklists within the subitem updates.

It really does not work perfect as I had this awesome checklist set up and then it gets rid of a lot of the checkboxes when I click to submit… so this is the solution I actually got to work

At least it shows you the status of the checklist on the subitem

If you’re wanting sub subitems, that suggests to me that you need to coach’s how you are structuring your boards. We use subitems for the task level detail you have here.

Could you create more boards to house some of the information, and use Connect board columns, along with subfolders, folders and workspaces to manage the heirachy?