How do I automatically disable notifications at given times?

Hello there! (Master Kenobi!!)

I’m new on, so maybe this question is so stupid nobody felt the urge to talk about it before me.
So here it goes nothing: is there a way to automatically tell Monday in what time and days of the week I wish to receive work related notifications? This is one of Asana key feature and I think it works quite well.

Thank you!

Hi @edoaber - Currently, no, nothing automatic. You can, however, set yourself to be out of office in your Profile > Working Status: (52) monday - Deb Cinkus — ... or set yourself to be DND - monday - Deb Cinkus — Mozil... under your profile in the same area or by clicking your profile avatar at the bottom left and turning DND on.

Hi PolshedGeek!
Thank you for the reply!
Yeah sure! I know about manual status update!
Wouldn’t it be great to have a feature like the one I described?



I agree, I’d love to be able to set working hours, scheduled holidays in our area, etc.

Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I turn off the notifications on the website I keep receiving them on my mobile app which is crazy!

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This was reopened - does that mean good news is coming, ?

Hi @PolishedGeek

I am sorry for the confusion. The reason it was reopened was because it should not have been solved as it’s a feature request so we want to leave it open so people can vote on it. Solving it means closing it and it was done by mistake.

Sorry for any disappointment!

This is one of the primary things I am still looking for through We have a policy at our company that people do not email outside of standard working hours. But some people do prefer to work at odd hours and their colleagues then receive notifications. If each person could choose their DND times then everyone could work independently without fear of interrupting each others down time. Would love to see this.