How do I change the dates showing in the widget?

The project board is for a couple of years. I need a widget that only displays the dates ahead, but it keeps showing all the dates of the project. I filtered by dates after today, but the dashboard itself, keeps columns of the whole project.

Hey Nettie! It seems like you’re pulling items into a widget. Is that correct?

If so, what widget are you using? Is it a Calendar, Timeline, or another widget? With widgets, filters should eliminate irrelevant dates, so I’d love to understand your setup better so I can provide the best assistance.

Filter the project board widget to show only dates ahead by using the “Filter by Date” option. Set the filter to “Dates after today” to display upcoming dates only. If the dashboard still shows all dates, check the filter settings or consult the documentation for additional filtering options. Adjust the widget settings to ensure it only reflects future dates.