How do I create a space at the top of a main table where a few items of Static Information will Live?

I would like to have a space at the top of a main table where a few static lines of information live, for example, an event name, dates of the event, and the number of participants. This would be static information that I would like to always see without clicking on a different board view.

I have searched but do not find a solution other than adding the information into the description of the board where there is the drop down.


Following: This would be really helpful information for me as well.
I currently have some information in the “Board Description” But it is very limited. Also in the board discussion area, but again, it isn’t visible until you click in.
If there is another option I would definitely like to know!

Yes, exactly.

I have been on with chat for 1.5 hours. On their test platform, the description shows all the time WITHOUT drop down; however, on my browser,, it requires me to click the dropdown to see the info. It is so frustrating to get the chat rep to understand, even with screenshots. So frustrating.