How do I get the new "My Work" feature? I don't see it

I am confused. Is the “My Work” feature available on Mac desktops or is it still coming? I don’t see it showing in the left panel as of today October 24, 2021.

I currently only see the “My Week” icon and at the top of the window, there is a blue banner that says it’s coming:
“Big improvements are coming! We plan to replace My Week soon with an even more powerful way to manage your work. Learn More

I clicked on the ‘Learn More’ link and the instructions show that the ‘My Work’ checklist icon should be available and even gives instructions on how to use it, but I don’t have access to this feature.

Can someone please help? I’m using a trial version on a Mac laptop.


Did you try clicking on your avatar and then going to monday.labs? There is an option to Activate my work there but I’m unsure if it works on a trial version.