How do I have multiple tasks inform the overall status of an item?

I have a pretty good workflow set up where various status changes automatically move items (customers) through multiple boards, allowing me to keep track of tasks at each stage of our customer onboarding process. However, in one of these stages, there is a checklist with about 10 tasks that need to be completed before the customer can move on. These tasks all have different possible levels of completion, but they do all have a definitive “done” status. Is there a way to have the completion of all 10 tasks be the trigger for moving the item to the next board?

Hey @mir4bell4 - thanks for sharing your workflow. At this time we only have triggers that are set off by one column and not multiple or when it meets multiple criteria.

We are looking to add more dynamic recipes but no ETA at this time. What about adding a final Status column to set it as the one that will trigger the move?

And perhaps if all are in completed in order you can set the last one to do this:

I had hoped that the new custom automations feature would make something like this easier, in particular using the progress bar to trigger the automation since they are not completed in a particular order… but it’s still not possible: