How do I make my Board Views in the app I'm building match the UI?

None of the components in the library - seem to match the look and feel of the normal tables and board views:

I want to create a table like this. Maybe I am missing something I want my app to be able to work with data in tables like this, but I don’t want the user to have to create the table on their own. I’m a complete beginner and might be misunderstanding some of the functionality that is available to developers. Any ideas/suggestions?

Hello @akshay

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Could you give us some more detail around what you are trying to build?

It may be redundant to try to recreate your Monday board. Instead, it may be better to work with the data in your tables using our API.

Check out our API documentation here. Our API provides the flexibility to call and update the data you see displayed on your tables.

I look forward to learning more about your project! :slight_smile:

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Hello @alessandra,
Thank you for the response. I’m confident I can get all the functionality I want for my app using the API. My only concern right now is with the UI. This a screenshot from an app called bottlenecks. They seems to be getting data from the status column of another board using the API. This app’s view though is not a Monday table but has that same appearace. Is there a component library that they are using?

Hey akshay,
Did you find a solution to the table styling? I also have the same question as yours.