How do I order jobs/tasks numerically?

I can see this question has been asked several times and it is a feature we desperately need.
As a print & design company we have found Mondays to be the best way to organise the whole processes BUT as jobs are created by job number as each client can have several jobs running at a time - they also get completed at different times - but when they drop into completed/invoiced they are in the order when dropped in there! It doesn’t matter until this point then I want to work with them in numerical order I currently have to do this manually…not fun!
OR is there a way to have the item ID generate numbers from our job ref. starting point?

hi @GlenGPS

Not sure if you are looking for sorting or an Auto ID which will be generated for each new item, is configurable by yourself and always stays with the item. That last piece is why we build this app Apps Marketplace

I am aware of the auto ID but I need to customise the number to follow on from our previous job numbers as we use job number as
the Main (first) subject in each task and I want them to be in numerical order when they finally reach INVOICED (the final process in our print & design workflow)


hi @GlenGPS

Understood. There is a chance I can adapt AutoID to fit your process. Can you let me know how you want to use this job number. Is that job number stored in a column, and if so in what format. Maybe you can share a screenshot?

hi @GlenGPS
I see, are these item names “id - name” entered manually or generated somewhere outside monday. If they are entered manually (e.g. the name in a column) the id can be generated by AutoId and then (if needed) concatenated with the column holding the name.

Hi Bas, yes they are currently entered manually that’s why I’d like to be able to use auto ID (so no mistakes!) - would be AMAZING if could be concatenated with the column holding the name.
Are you able to explain how I would do that, please and then would it be in numerical order when the job reaches the final stage on the board?

Also meant to say when I showed the screenshot the jobs usually aren’t in numerical order I copied one I had manually adjusted it is usually like this

Hi Glenda

There are 2 separate things to understand: (1) generating an ID with containing a number in sequence and (2) sorting the board. How the items are sorted is controlled by your sort in monday, the AutoID app can’t change this.

With regards to the ID generation: AutoID does support concatenation of another column, so you can enter a format like:
{id} - {columnid}
where id it he generated number and {columnid} is the id of the column you want to add to the generated id. All other characters (in this example " - " will appear in the generated id as is. However there is something to keep in mind. If your AutoID is generated on new item creation the contents of {columnid} will be empty and there fore your ID will look like: "123456 - ". There are two alternatives:

  • generated the ID after column holding the name is filled in, you can do this by triggering on status change, or:
  • make sure the name is filled in at the same time the item is created, you can do that by using a monday form.

Hope this helps you getting the functionality you need.

Thanks for the prompt replies & help I will give it a try.

Hey Glenda,

We’re a print facility too and have a similar workflow albeit for art prints. Our workaround is to do a few things. We don’t put the ID with the Name/item we have column just for that ID which is currently entered manually (but soon to be pulled in & automated). That way the board is viewed by whatever we filter by, EG, Due date, Timeline, product or Order ID. The second thing we do which may work for you is we created a trigger. When and order completed the finished items move to a New Completed for Dispatch Board. This board is only set to view in item order and allows us to make sure jobs do not get cleared until all items are fully completed.

Hi! Im a Advertising agency and I face the same damn thing. I create boards for contracts and each contract have several tasks (jobs).

Today we insert a number (manually) in the begginin of the task name cause we didnt find a way to insert this automatically.
Autonumber collumn doesnt work cause we need a sequencial and fixed number fot the task.
ID collumn doesn work cause we need a simple sequencial number starting from de #01.

is there a solution for that already?

Hi @bruno.czbrains

Just curious why the AutoID Column app wouldn’t work for you, it is perfectly capable of creating an sequence like 001, 002, 003 and so on.

Will tasks start at #001 on each board? Because if they start I think it can work then.
How do I set up to start from 001? Because when I put an auto ID column here, huge numbers appear.

hi @bruno.czbrains

Not sure which auto id column you are referring to. The app AutoID Column, see Apps Marketplace let you configure the ID generated. If you put just {id} in the format box and specify 3-digits you will get just 001, 002, 003 etc

Hi @basdebruin
Wow! I didn’t know this app! I was referring to item ID column

Captura de Tela 2021-04-20 às 10.05.42

But now i have tried the app AutoID Column you suggested and its exactly what I need.
Perfect. Thanks!