How do I remove branding on emails/forms?

Completely agree. The branding is a show stopper for us as well.


We are not using Software / Functions without White-Label Options. I would highly recommend to delete those logos if you want people to engage with those functions. Especially for sensitive industries - with regard to privacy etc. - it’s a No-Go to show off with logos from other companies.


This is indeed very uncommon and very bad value proposition in a premium product. Any serious brand will not allow a different brand to “ride” on its development by pushing its logo in its embedded code. Its understandable in a free product - but not in one that you pay a lot of money for.


Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all the follow-ups and requests. The branding should no longer be visible on e-mails.

As for the forms, I checked with the department in charge of forms and it is something they are looking to analyze this quarter and depending on their findings move forward with a solution some time in the near future.


Thanks for the update! I really hope they move forward quickly with that. We are waiting to use the forms until that’s done.


Hope they take out the branding for the paying customers from forms (and success message) soon :roll_eyes:


Great news about the emails, thank you.

Has there been any update on the forms?

Hi Chris,

No update as of yet, but when I checked with the team, they mentioned it is something they are looking to analyze as a possibility this quarter or next, so we hope that this improvement may be made in the near future :slight_smile: