How do I remove branding on emails?


How can I remove monday’s branding from outbound emails through the Gmail integration?


This was a similar post from last month and said she’d flag it with the Products Team.

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Yeah, this isn’t a feature I’d use until it’s gone. I’m trying to sell our products, not monday’s.

+1 on this.
I add to this feature, the possibility to customize the EMAIL SUBJECT in any notification,
actually displays (Monday.Com), i think for our customers this should be in first place the company name, then

Well, this feature is very raw. We need a fully customizable emails, with templates both for subject and body.
Hope we will be heard by Monday)

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Lisa here. I can definitely let you know that I hear you. I’ve pinged the developers to learn more about what can be done with the branding :slight_smile: I will follow-up on this chain with an update.



+1, without being able to remove the branding, this is useless

+1 ! This should absolutely be self-evident - same for the form view!

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