How do you limit the emails that are added to to only those relevant to a deal?

We are tracking leads, deals, contacts, and accounts in, including deals with existing customers. Because we have integrated with Outlook, all our email traffic with customers goes into the “emails-and-activities” section of the deal, account, and contact. Because these are active customers, we have a lot of email traffic with them – only a few of these are relevant to a new deal.

Are there ways to filter what gets added to I see the setting for “never log” for an email address or domain, but am wondering if there is a way to “selectively log” based on a keyword or something else.

Thanks in advance for any insights!


This is an issue that we are also facing so would be interested in understadning how to address this.

We have the same email addresses in the CRM and Work Management, and get muliple copies of the same email. As we expand this is going to become a nightmare especially to limit the information that this seen between sales and operations.

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