How is the "write updates via email" - link build? I need it for an app

Hi Everybody,

I have written a small app which allows the users to click a button an then a “mailTo” Link is created and opened in a new browser tab. This will then in fact start your OSs standard email application.

It work like charm and is already in use.

The problem:
This is how the email address looks that is created by the “write update via email” button:
company pulse pulseID_ b632d31653d8216c02b7 __

In italics the things I understand an can create within my code. But what the heck is this 20 characters long hex value. b632d31653d8216c02b7 ?

I’ve tested it. It seems to be user specific. When I change the user ID but not the hex value, then the wrong user is set there as update creator after the mail was sent.

Does anybody know how to generate this hex value or even what it is? The other solution for me would be to let monday generate this “write update via email” Link for me but I have no idea how to get that going in an application either.

Please help me, I am open to any suggestion you may have for me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance