How often does the API information update from a board?

so currently we submit most of out tickets through monday email. Which works great but i want to add a few API calls to fill out the columns, assign it to people who submit it etc

But after the email sends, i attempt to do a items_by_column_values call to get the ID back. It seems very variable on the time it takes for the API to match the board gui, the latter which gets the itemID back immediately after it creates it. I had to add a 10 minute wait before i can use the API to fill out the columns i want. It seems like the API takes anywhere between 5 seconds to 6 or so minutes sometimes before it can query the ItemID.

My question is, is it lag that is affecting the API from updating, or a simple polling length i can add to decrease my wait for 10 minutes? EX: If the itemID should return every 5 minutes at a maximum, i would want to set my delay to that number


There is no “polling length”. The two primary variables in response are how busy the servers are and the type of update activity being considered. My experience is that simple column value updates are the fastest. Connect boards column type updates are handled asynchronously and take longer. Lastly the portion of the database that supports searches is also updated asynchronously.

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hi @Jwhitcomb

Welcome to the community. Fully agree with @JCorrell here. There is one thing to add though. Although the normal operations are relatively fast (and might differ a bit) the items_by_column_values mutation is an exception. It has been confirmed by monday that this specific mutation will not return data that is “just” written to the board. Therefore you need the delay between adding data to a board and finding that data using items_by_column_values.