How to accept price with dollar sign in number type column

  1. I integrated to using zapier however the problem is is returning the price data in text format example $17500.00 therefore in the there is no column to accept this data except the text type column but i don’t want to insert data in text field because I want to apply the some formula on price number colum.

  2. Same issue with date and location column. In date column zapier API adding data in the exact same format (i.e May 20, 2021) but still doesn’t accept this and getting an error - invalid value as shown in this screenshot.

  3. Third strange point is the platform doesn’t accept data in location field. At-least this should accept text data as there is no format for location column to accept data.

Can anyone please give me some guidance in how to sort it out?

Thank you

Hey @sanjeev.501, Monday’s API is pretty strict with it’s data formats.

For the first, in Zapier, what I would do is add a Formatter → Text → Extract Number. This will pull just the number and it’s decimal places from the string so that you canm use it as a number column. Then inside of Monday you can set the displayed currency symbol as $.

For the Date column, the format it wants is YYYY-MM-DD when putting info in via API calls like Zapier or Integromat.

Location is a column not supported by Zapier, for a couple of reasons. The biggest one is that you need to specify latitude and longitude, not just an address, and as far as I could find, there is no good way inside Zapier to get those. I was able to do it in Integromat with a Google Map’s module that doesn’t exist in Zapier. You could technically set this with the JSON input as listed on the API documentation, but without the data that’s not really helpful.

Some incredibly helpful links related to this:

Thomas Cox
Polished Geek

Thank you so much Thomas. It was very helpful.