How to add Custom page (Settings page for App)


I need some assistance.
Can someone explaine how i can create app with costom page for display my setting page.

I want create app which make requests to monday api and collect some data.
but i need give to user ability to configure what data they need.(for example select colums)

For that i need show user some configuration page.
i found that i can create table view and show that custom page there as iframe but i think it is not right way.

more information about how it should work: user create some ‘set’ of ‘export settings’ with some id on app side(on my server; can create multiple sets).
3dparty service make request to my server with ‘set’ id, my app make request to Monday and collect requested data.

There is no any triggers or actions on Monday side.
But i need give user ability to open app setting page for create sets of ‘export settings’ and get his auth code for api requests

Hi @Nixoid, welcome to our community!

I’m not sure I fully understand the app that you’re building. It sounds like you’re just looking to export a certain “set” of data that users have selected, right?

If so, in this case I wouldn’t recommend going the integration route. A good way to think about it, is if there’s an action or something that will need to be done over and over again, an integration is the way to go. For example, if you wanted to export an item and then keep it synced with wherever it’s being exported to, an integration would be great.

Alternatively, if you’re just looking to export data one time, something like a board view in which the user will be able to interact with could work better.

With this in mind, do you think that an integration is still the best option for you app? Let me know and I’m happy to continue weighing in.

Thank you for your answer.
Sorry for my bad English.

In general - I need a way to show my page to users. I need to place somewhere in Monday interface Link (or Button) which open that page.

Something like it works for Board View. But in the case with Board View on the top of iframe with my page, Monday is showing a line with some features (like ‘filter’). (is there a way to hide this line?)

how it must work:

  1. User open page and create/edit set of export settings (for example select columns for selected Table). Users can create multiple sets.
  2. On my server side, the app creates a uniq url for each set of settings which generate xml(or cvs…).
  3. users use this url on 3rd party services. that services get data from that url periodically.
  4. when 3rd party services requested that uniq url - my server make requests to Mondey api and collect data in relations to settings.(table,colums,filter items)

Hi @Nixoid,

Got it! Okay that makes sense, thank you for explaining this.

Yes you can definitely create a board view inside that will show your page. Because it’s only a board view though, that means that it will be embedded inside of a board. Because of this, you will indeed see the board headings that you described (i.e. filter, add item), and these cannot be removed.

It sounds like the process you outlined will work inside of a board view!

And now i have 2 questions

  1. Is there any other way to show my custom page to user? (except Board View, Item View and Dashboard Widget)
  2. if ‘no’ - Can i hide ‘board heading’?

Hi @Nixoid,

I’m afraid you must use a view app to show your custom page to a user.

As such, as noted above, you are unable to hide the board heading.

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