How to automatically chose all items in Connect boards column

I have a global board which allows to display the progress of several projects, for that I use the mirror and connect boards column (Here I have 5 rows in my boards) .

I would like that when in one of my projects I add a task, this task is automatically added in the column connect table, instead of seeing it added each time.

For example if I add a new task in my project 1, this task is automatically displayed in the global table on the line “project 1”

Is it possible ?

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Hi @Maxence , yes that’s possible provided that you’re used the Connect boards column with the two-way connection. You have to go to each project and set the item default value.
Once there you will need connect the respective project and the next time a task is created on that board it will be automatically connected to the project in the Global board.

Hope it helps!