How to automatically create an integration column (like GitHub integration does)


I’m trying to create an integration between our app and To achieve this, I need to have an “integration” column with a primary key of a linked item.

I found what GitHub integration, when configuring a recipe like “When pull request is created, … create an items and sync future changes…”, shows a column named GitHub which is read only and after recipe is configured, the column is automatically added to my board.

I’ve also found what I can create a column with type “integration” using a GraphQL API, but still don’t know how to create it automatically on a recipe configuration stage (like GitHub recipe does)

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I’m afraid that at the time, this column is not currently usable for any App-based integrations. It is currently only used for integrations, built by our developers, and as such, is not recommended for use in app development.

I definitely see where you’re coming from, but at the time, I would recommend going for a different approach when building your app out. I hope that makes sense.


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