How to browse board information efficiently if there's a lot of it?

Hey! I have a moving and transportation company and at first I thought that Monday would offer great help with having all the information in the same place, but now it turns out that we need so much information from each client that it is very hard to scroll the 60 columns to find the column we’re looking for. So each client is one item and all the information like email, addresses, cubic meters, additional services etc are on the same board in different columns.

I tried to make a dashboard to make it easier to browse and add info but the widgets don’t really offer anything for this.

I’ve made different boards for billing and storaging information and linked them in the CRM board, but I don’t know what else to put on different boards since we also need to see all the info in the same place.

Am I missing something or how could I make it easier to handle all the information?

I recommend creating and saving different views. Look at the top left of your board where it says “Main Table”. Create a new Table board view then you can Hide certain columns and save it to a view. We’ve got a board with 50+ columns and we use it for about 5 different workflows - all thanks to saved views.

Ah yes, thank you so much! This was helpful!

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